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Booker International presents the first globally certified intercultural coaching program: The B.I.G.CD®CP

Our multicultural faculty combines the only academically accredited Cultural Detective®Series with the most powerful neurolinguistic communication tools to turn them into the art, science and practice of professional coaching. B.I.G.CD®Coaches will get immediate access to ICF credits to shape the future of coaching.

In 5 brief 3-day face-to-face meetings, we challenge participants to experience what we teach in 5 international locations. Individual coaching, teleconferences and webinars are offered between group sessions for support and skill documentation.

From day 1 of this one-year program, participants will get access to their personal Cultural Lense® and the online Cultural Detective® Series. They will pick up knowledge of cultural models and techniques so comprehensive, that they can face any intercultural communication challenge.  The program is designed to be offered in English, French, German, Romanian and Arabic in 2010. Russian, Mandarin and many others will follow as our faculty grows.

Our B.I.G.Cultural Detective® Faculty is multilingual and always ready to speak the language of our clients.

This is the most comprehensive program for intercultural coaching ever designed. It is especially useful for managers and trainers who must motivate  multicultural teams, but also for trainers and consultants who want to have a bigger impact on their clients.

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