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Welcome to the Booker International Coaching Academy


Intercultural Coaching Skills in 12 Months & 5 international locations

The Only Way to International Academic Credits & ICF Credentials

Leaders in international management often have superior technical qualifications and hands-on international experience. These skills, however, are not always enough to efficiently manage people across cultures, given the modern communication challenges in global organizations and markets. 

Additional social skills are needed and often decisive for the success of a leader and so the entire company.

Employees with diverse cultural backgrounds have to make winning teams. Goals and values have to be communicated in such a way that employees find them engaging and motivating. Tasks have to be delegated in culturally appropriate ways that find acceptance across cultures and translate into meaningful outcomes.

These kinds of challenges require more qualifications than most leaders have.

Acquiring the skills of an intercultural coach used to be a very tedious process.

The B.I.G.Cultural Detective® Coaching Program closes this skill gap. 

Using the proven and tested Cultural Detective® Series, we combine powerful and innovative coaching methods according to ICF Core Competencies with experiential learning tools at five international locations. We support your progress on the job between the face-to-face modules through a virtual learning platform, a coaching buddy system and individual coaching sessions with the faculty members.

You will receive a state-of-the-art intercultural coaching education which will be recognized and certified internationally, along with academic credit points from five leading universities worldwide. This has never been done before!

The B.I.G.CD®CP includes certification as a CD® Facilitator and fulfills all graduation criteria of the ICF, which makes this program valuable for corporate participants, external trainers, coaches and consultants working world-wide.

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  1. 2010/08/14 14:00

    Dear Rita and Team,

    I am really happy to see the work you have done to offer this practical and effective coaching package. As a certified Cultural Detective practitioner, I see the natural fit of the CD approach and coaching. I will be sure to spread the word of this educational choice to my colleagues and friends.

    LaMonte Miller, Guilford, Connecticut

  2. 2010/08/15 18:53

    Dear LaMonte,

    thank you so much for your feedback on this!
    Would you be available as a “internal coaching client” for our participants to practice their skills with?

    Whishing you all the very best from Berlin,

  3. 2010/08/24 11:30

    Hi Rita,

    This program looks great, sounds so useful for anyone working in a multicultural environment. More than ever do businesses and people cross ‘borders’ – in virtual and real life. It is surprising that the knowledge and interest in others doesn’t seem to correlate with this increase. I had many encounters where culture – not language – was in the way of communicating and getting things done together. Whether I worked in The Netherlands with an Austrian and Belgian company or here in Australia with an Indian company. “Lost in Translation” in a metaphorical way :). I have certainly seen, in my previous career in communications, the need for a ‘detective’s‘ and curious mind about other people’s cultural background and its implications in business. What I can read from your program it seems to awaken this curiosity in a practical and fun way – to become more aware of different approaches with the aim to achieve a better outcome in business and collaboration.

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